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Town of Wausau Council Meeting August 09, 2018

August 7th, 2018 | last Update: 1 year ago




AUGUST 9, 2018



6:00 PM

Roger Hagan​Berna Palmer​ ​DeWayne Carter​Judy Carter​Shirley Rightenburg

Mayor​​Mayor Pro-Tem​ Member​​ Member​​Member

I​PROCLMATION: Call to order, welcome, Invocation, and Pledge of Allegiance by all.

II.​Executive Session:

Public Notice Pursuant to Section 286.011(8), Florida Statutes, of a Closed Session by the Town Council of the Town of Wausau Related to Pending Litigation

Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to Section 286.011(8), Florida Statutes, the Town Council of the Town of Wausau, Florida, will commence an executive or closed (attorney/client) session at 6:00 p.m. during the Regular Meeting of August 9, 2018, to discuss pending litigation to which the entity is presently a party as follows:

Patricia Lynn Gothard v. Town of Wausau, FL, et. al,

N.D. Fla. Case No: 5:17-CV-299-RH/GRJ

The following persons will be present for the executive session: Scott J. Seagle, Esq. (litigation counsel), Mayor Roger Hagan, Berna Palmer, DeWayne Carter, Judy Carter, and Shirley Rightenburg.

A certified court reporter will transcribe the meeting and file the transcript with the Town Clerk within a reasonable time following the meeting. The transcript, however, will remain confidential until conclusion of the litigation.

The executive session is expected to last 20 minutes.

III.​Reopen Regular Meeting: Discuss if any resolution was decided in Executive Session


A. Payment of Town Bills: Including FRDAP Bills & other grant related bills

B. Fire Department Minutes, Training Records

C. Minutes: June and July 2018

D. Reconciled Bank statements, Trial Balance, and Profit & Loss


A. Fred Fox Fred Fox Enterprises:

• Consideration of Resolution Authorizing Submission of the Application.

• Consideration of Resolution Committing to The Match.

• Consideration of Resolution Adopting the Community Development Plan.

B. Joe Taylor Washington County Superintendent of Schools

IV.​NON-AGENDA AUDIENCE: Effective October 1, 2013, Florida Statute 286.0114 mandates that “members of the public shall be given a reasonable opportunity to be heard on a proposition before a Board or Commission.” Everyone shall have three (3) minutes to speak on the proposition before the Council.

V.​Tabled Items: None


A. Introduction of Ordinance No. 18-001 and First Reading (Attached)

VII.​Mayor Pro-Tem: Berna Palmer:


​ VIII​Member DeWayne Carter:

​ IX.​Member Judy Carter:

​ X.​Member Shirley Rightenburg:

​ XI.​Mayor Roger D. Hagan:

​XII.​Attorney Jeff Carter:



• SPLASH PAD OPEN: Sincere Appreciation to Scott Whitehead and PW work Squad, NWF Reception Center Work Squad & Curtis Green, Electrician

The next regularly scheduled Meeting of the Wausau Town Council will be September 13, 2018at 6:00 PM at the Wausau Town Hall 1607 Second Avenue, Wausau FL The Town of Wausau will accommodate handicapped and disabled persons who wish to attend these meetings. Contact the Wausau Town Hall at 638-1781, at least 48 hours before the meeting date to make arrangements.



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