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The Faces Behind the Voice at 911 - The Unsung Heroes

April 14th, 2018 | last Update: 7 months ago

by: Nan Thompson

April 8 through 14 was National Dispatcher Appreciation Week.

Dispatchers are the calm voice you hear, when you are normally at your worst. Making the call to 911 means you need help, you might be scared or confused worrying about the situation in front of you. Dispatchers are the ones that stay on the line, to assure that you are safe and being assisted by Law Enforcement, EMS, or the Fire Department.

They work behind screens with maps, phone systems, and radio-system to communicate with the emergency personnel you require. They are trained to listen and be in tune with the officers they work with, to know when something is wrong, and know how to appropriately assist. They can be juggling more than one call at a time, plus doing checks and gathering information for a patrolman.

Ever wonder who are the faces behind the calm voices?
Meet Christy, she is the Dispatch Supervisor.

Christy has been with WCSO for 61/2 years, She is married and has an 11 month old daughter.

When asked what was her most rewarding day at work, there was a pause, because so many calls are rewarding.

One that stuck out in her mind was a call with a gentleman having a heart attack, she had to keep him calm and awake until EMS arrived. Because of her training and knowledge she could do that and the man survived.

When asked about the worst day that was a hard question I could tell. She spoke about a person that had found a family member that had committed suicide, the family member hadn't hung up the phone and she could her the commotion and could not talk to the person or offer assistance.

Christy loves her work, although it can be stressful at times, because they (dispactchers) are like family.
"People I work with make it all worth it" says Christy.

Meet Brandon, he is the newest member of the team, only being with the department for 2 months as a dispatcher.

Brandon has worked with WCSO as an Explorer and is currently in school for Law Enforcement and hopes to become a Washington County Sheriffs Deputy after graduation.

His most rewarding day- He says everyday is rewarding knowing that you are helping your community.

His worst day - stressful days, assuring people are checked on, and that people get the needed help.

He is proud to be part of the Dispatcher team.

Meet Kelley who has been a dispatcher for 2 1/2 years, but has previously worked for WCSO for 5 years in a different department.

Kelley is divorced and a mother of an adult son who lives in New York.

Her best days are when a deputy comes in and gives an awesome compliment, that I did a great job on a call.

Her worst day - I received a 911 call referencing someone needing ambulance and deputy. The caller said my name, and I knew it was a family member.

My 23 year old cousin had passed away. I held myself together, handled the call and got all the proper assistance dispatched.

The other members of the WCSO Dispatch team

Next time you have to make a call to 911... remember to thank them for the job they do.



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