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Country Oaks Volunteer Firefighter Fun Day

April 10th, 2016 | last Update: 4 years ago

By: Observer Staff

Saturday April 9th, was Country Oaks Volunteer Firefighter Fun Day. Chief John Thompson and his wife, Brenda, planned and organized a fun and learning event for all ages. Many members of the Country Oaks, Orange Hill, Wausau Volunteer Fire Departments took their Saturday to help and answer questions.

Lucky for all today, no tones went off and everyone was able to enjoy, some wonderful hamburgers and hotdogs from the grill. Lots of home baked sweets, cotton candy, snow cones and pop corn were provided by the volunteers and their spouses.
Although the crowd wasn't as large as hoped, everyone seemed to enjoy the beautiful day. The kids enjoyed the giant slide, ballon wars and of course the blue frosted cupcakes.

Members of Division of Forestry, were also on hand to give a presentation on Wildfires.
Be sure to watch for any further activities put on my Country Oaks Volunteer Fire Department.
Activities are posted on the sign on Quail Hollow Blvd.



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