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With Apologies To Commissioner Gothard: Submitted By Wes Fischer

November 16th, 2016 | last Update: 2 years ago

Anyone who had to endure the three hour long debacle that was the hearing of the complaint cast upon the Wausau volunteer fire Dept held at the Wausau town hall Monday night, hopefully is recovering from their face-palm fatigue.

First of all, what grounds would a currently sitting commissioner have filing a complaint, even after acknowledging she missed the deadline to submit her ad in question? Oh, I know.. She was discriminated against. Good one, commish.

Maybe it's worth a few words to go back to the days of "Lynn Gothard- community activist and champion of causes pertaining to fire." Commissioner Gothard became noteworthy in the late 2000's as a flag waving soldier, championing the causes of corruption and injustice amongst the Volunteer Dept's in this county. One case after another of "gotcha" paperwork served well to land her colleagues in her fight to clean up her so called mess. Many a good Volunteer was ousted or provoked into either leaving or be cast under the authoritarian hand of the county. In her crusade, she developed her own nemesis in Mr. Rudd.

And wouldn't you know? To this day, Mr. Rudd remains this villain to our champion.

But, commissioner Gothard, where have all your colleagues gone? What ever came of the crusade to incorporate the entire county into your mended ways? Gone. All gone. You waved a false flag to suit yourself and your personal gains of a costly county operated fire Dept that to this day, has not any discernable difference from any other Dept. that was in operation prior to your costly conquest. All the while, you individually martyred everyone who helped you get your illustrious position you currently cling to.

This county has made you out, commissioner Gothard. Your 7 year conquest to oust Mr. Rudd is the real evidence of harassment, or discrimination (depending on which coin phrase you wish to interject in your seemingly endless tantrum). He has paid his penance long ago for any of his errors and has maintained one thing you could not - unity.

So, in all your futile efforts to make much ado about nothing, cry and whine about being treated unfairly, and most comical, a demanded apology.. I wish you the best of luck on that. Perhaps maybe YOU should be apologetic. Apologetic to ALL the Volunteer fire fighters you've brought strife on. Apologetic to the taxpayers for your costly crusade. Apologetic to Mr. Rudd, who is the real one deserving of an apology for putting up with years of your pointless meandering into his department's affairs. Coming up empty, time and time again. Mr. Rudd is the actual individual in this matter who has just cause to sue, and perhaps he should. In all fairness, the town of Wausau has a just cause too, held up in your abuse of authority and defamation of its own sovereignty.

In your last days of appointed power, granted by us and ultimately revoked by us (the tax payers), may you humbly reflect on this self-inflicted travesty, and may you fully realize that we all do indeed, reap exactly what we sow. Commissioner...

Unapologetically yours,

Wes Fischer



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