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May 5th, 2016 | last Update: 2 years ago

While attending the special BOCC meeting yesterday for the purpose of selecting a new County Administrator, it was close to one hour of a comedy of errors show, that was put on by some of the County Commissioner's. It's a shame that this is the type of so-called professional’s, that are running this county. At least there was two County Commissioner's who tried to correct the mistake that was made when they advertised for this position. Commissioner Kent and Commissioner Abbott wanted to have Ms. Hayes as County Coordinator until the end of the month so they could have gone back and looked over the workshop minutes and the BOCC minutes. But Commissioner Kent was repeatedly interrupted by Commissioner Brock and Commissioner Gothard. Commissioner Gothard made a motion for Mr. Hamilton as County Administrator with a second by Commissioner Brock, a nay by Commissioner's Kent, and Abbott and a yes vote by Commissioner Bush. at that time Commissioner Gothard made a comment that the Administrator will serve at the pleasure of the board. My question is why then do we need a county administrator if the county Commissioner's will be telling him what to do and how to do his job, that is over $68.000.00 down the drain of good tax payers money.

Sal Zurica



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