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Reader Response to Letter to the Editor on Posting of Meeting Agenda

February 21st, 2017 | last Update: 2 years ago

Date: February 21, 2017 at 9:05:44 AM CST

To: "" <>

RE: "Letter to the Editor - Posting of County Meeting Agendas" and looked up the Florida Statutes you listed.

F.S. Title X, Chapter 120.525 Meetings, hearings, and workshops.

States: "... on the agency’s website not less than 7 days before the event. The notice shall include a statement of the general subject matter to be considered."

F.S. Title XIX, Chapter 286.011

States "... The board or commission must provide reasonable notice of all such meetings."

My point as of 2017-02-21 there is no listing on the WA CO web site of general subject matter to be considered, which is different then an agenda.

Further more this is not the first time the county has failed to abide by these statutes and maybe its time for the county resident to start holding the county accountable.

John Legg

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