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Pokemon Go....gotta catch them all

July 13th, 2016 | last Update: 3 years ago

Just when you think, you have seen it comes Pokemon Go! The hottest download available for smartphones, or is it?

The headline news seems to involve Pokemon Go, the good, the bad, and the ugly, in all their reports. We are warned, and we warn others not to text and drive, not to drink, and drive, now it seems "Warning don't pokemon and drive." Yes, you read it right, don't Pokemon Go and drive.
It has been the cause of accidents, robberies, physical altercations, trespassing and the list goes on.

I have a Son who eagerly waited for his Dad and I to return from a trip to give us a first hand experience on how this game works. As always, my first question was "is it free," and yes it is a free download. Next came the full on demonstration, the smart phone is the gaming device, and sure enough, through the screen of the phone we have a pokemon ball sitting on our table. My words," OMG, are you kidding me!"

A few days has passed and with all the hype online and in the news about this new game, got me to thinking, why not try it out for myself, a first hand experience.

Within minutes after the download was complete, I found Charmander standing in my kitchen, so with a simple flick of the wrist I successfully captured a prized Pokemon. (I have no gaming skills beyond Tomb Raider or Pac Man)

The download is free, so how are they making money? When you use up all the Pokemon Balls, you can "purchase more online," or find a Pokemon Stop to refill for FREE. Blue Lake and the Wausau Post Office, are the two "POKEMON STOPS" I have found thus far. Remember data is not free, so be careful not to go over your monthly limits, some cell phone carriers do charge for overage.

My personal experience.....Virtual reality at it's best!

For all you gamers out there.....DON'T POKEMON GO AND DRIVE!



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