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June 17th, 2016 | last Update: 2 years ago

Please see letter to editor attached.

Lynn Gothard, Commissioner
Washington County BOCC, District 5
1331 South Blvd
Chipley, Florida 32428
850-638-6200 Office
850-703-7534 Cell

Letter to the Editor

I am writing this response to your article dated June 16th 2016 regarding the monthly meeting of the Wausau Town Council on June 9, 2016. The article included the statement “ Last month the Council agreed to read and go over Wausau Fire Depts current SOG’s, before adopting SOG’s presented to Wausau Town Council, by Commissioner Gothard. Observer Staff has found SOG presented last month has not been adopted by the Board of County Commissioners, but merely written by the Fire Safety Coordinator at the time. “At no time have I ever presented SOG’s to any municipality or other entity. The SOG’s were presented to all volunteer fire departments in early 2016 by Fire Coordinator Gene Brandow. Mr Brandow had developed the document and had offered it to all of the volunteer fire departments in the County to adopt if they so desired. To my knowledge no one was ever told or directed to use the document except the two county owned departments, Washington County Fire, SH station and Caryville.Fire Dept, a county owned department. Mr Brandow had direct supervision over each of these stations in his capacity as Fire Coordinator. In addition I don’t believe I ever indicated they had been “adopted by the Board of County Commissioners”. However, the SOG’s were presented to the BOCC and each of us had the opportunity to offer input in the document. As you may or may not know, the BOCC is a policy making board. I’m unaware that the BOCC would need to “adopt” a guideline document. As you are aware, I was at the Wausau Council meeting as a citizen. My comments were merely stating what I personally knew about the documents. At no time have I ever indicated I was in attendance representing the Board of County Commissioners. I would appreciate your retraction of that statement in your article.

However, again since your co-editor has been actively involved in placing the No Gothard political signs in the community and your co-editor, her family and yourself regularly request public records information on me and no other Board member, I am confident this paper has biased opinions relating to my seat on the Board of County Commissioners and my candidacy in the upcoming election.

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