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Letter to the Editor Concerning County Roads from Wes Fischer

May 9th, 2018 | last Update: 11 months ago

posted by: Nan Thompson

Once again, we are driving in the ditch thanks to Washington county road Dept and their management. As a result of continued poor or non-existent maintenance, today will start the process of filing a notice of complaint on behalf of the entire country oaks neighborhood, and any other willing participants. This notice serves as a time clock of 30 days for the county to rectify stated grievances therin contained of said notice. If the county shall not rectify or fail to make a suitable attempt to repair or replace damage in the time allotted, they will be in default according to the state provision of a negligence clause attained from the state that also encompasses county government.

In the event the default is adjudicated, a minimum of 5,000$ per claim is guaranteed by the provisions of the clause. If you would like to be added to the already large list of complaints, leave your name and address with me directly at

Also, there are further potential legal avenues being pursued at this time that will include a higher, more itemized detail of loss and damages in a group suit format. At this time, I am still going to talk further with legal advisors about a suit against the board.

Here's what it will entail:

1) anyone who lives on a dirt road in Washington county can add their name and address to be included in the suit. You must have a residence on the road and have at least one (1) registered vehicle.

2) this suit shall be tentatively based on a simple average established by the NADA of average cost of a new vehicle. That cost as of right now is $27, 825.66. this will be the amount sought per signed plaintiff against Washington county.

3) retainer fees for represtation will be reconciled once we have a final number of people participating. So far, I have covered time and expenses for council on this issue. It will be out of state reprentation, to avoid any conflict of interests.

This suit would be established only if the previous requirements are not met by the county.

Washington county forcefully takes money from you in form of taxation and in return, promises a service they cannot deliver. It's time to stop this theft for goods never received.

Wes Fischer



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